Friday, 3 January 2014

Make Your Firefox 30% Faster

Increase Browsing Speed Of Mozilla Firefox
To visit website we use different kinds of software's. Who are use Mozilla Firefox the can easily increase its speed. You can your page opening time by by using pipeline. For this, go to your address bar, type about:config and then enter. If you see any notification click OK.

Then type network.http on filter. Choose 'network.http.pipelining', double click to make it true.  By the same way double click on 'network.http.proxy.pipelining' and make it also true. Now right click on 'network.http.pipeling.maxrequests' and Modify it. Place 30 as value and then click OK. That means browser can send 30 max request at a time.

Now click on fresh space of the page and select Integer from New. Write this name nglayout.initialpaint.delay. Then make it OK and write 0 as value. That means, you have to wait 0 seconds to get any information. Clear recent browsing history at regular intervals.

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