Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ever fastest Internet browser- IE11

IE11 - 30% Faster Than Opera, Mozilla & Chrome

Website visiting software (Browser) Internet Explorer 11 is the latest edition of Microsoft Operating System Windows 8.1. Microsoft Company also opened it for Windows 7 after the new operating system came to the market. With higher speed, security, privacy synchronizing this new browser is more developed. It is 9 percent faster than the previous one to work on Java Script. At the same time, Microsoft Developers make editing in F12 tools version. This will support all features of HTML5 with faster service on web applications.
Internet Explorar 11
 Microsoft’s added special security features in this new browser. According to the research oh NSS lab, Internet Explorer n able to block 99 percent of harmful malwares as well as 92 percent of fishing attacks. To download the browser follows this link Internet Explorer11.
Here you can choose any language and you supported windows version (32 bit or 64 bit). File size is 29 Megabyte. After downloading, it requires internet connection to install. Restart your computer after installation and enjoy it.

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