Friday, 11 July 2014

Recover Shortcut Pendrive easily

How To Recover Pendrive If It Becomes Shortcut

It’s a common problem that sometimes our pendrive becomes shortcut when it is entered into the computer. Then we can’t open it anymore. As a result we lose our important files, softwares, videos and so on. This problem is mainly occurs for shortcut virus. Many of us don’t know how to recover it. But it’s a very easy way.

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Let’s see – how to do it. It can be done by two ways.

1. By DOS command.

2. By anti-malware software

So, first of all we’ll see how to recover a shortcut pendrive by DOS command. For this enter your pendrive to the computer. Notice pendrive’s drive letter. Then go to Run (Windows+R) from start button. Write CMD and click Enter. Now write attrib –h –r –s /s /d j\\\/*.* command and click Enter. Here, write pendrive’s drive letter instead of j. That’s all. Check your pendrive. It’s ok.

And now we’ll see how to recover it by antimalware software. Go to download free software Malwarebytes and install it on your computer. Now, run Malwarebytes and click on Scan and scan the pendrive. It’ll take a few minutes. After scanning you’ll see Show results on the screen. Click on Show results. Then click on Remove selected. After this restart your computer. Thus the problem is being solved.

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