Monday, 12 May 2014

Recover Deleted Files

Recover files deleted from recycle bin and get it back easily !

If any files deleted from computer it can be easily recovered. As fast as you can recognize the deleted file you can recover it so effectively. Windows operating system files goes to Recycle Bin after deleting it . The old hard drive was removed from the Recycle Bin, the file may have existed , unless another hard disk free space is required for any new information . So the loss to save the file to your computer , like using less .
Recover Data from the Recycle Bin : Windows stores files after deleting, check it in Recycle bin. If you find it then click on restore to recover. 
 recycle bin

Recover Data from Back Up: If the hard disk drive or a regular backup of your important files to the file system, then from there you can get back the lost files . If you don not have a Back Up system on your computer do it now! You may need not it now but will be effective in future. Sometimes they do not keep a copy of important files secure digital information . The most popular free Back Up software is EaseUs ToDo Backup, Click here to download it 

Recover By Software: There are various free software to recover deleted files from Recycle bin. And Rescue Portable is the best of all as well as free! The uses of it is very easy. Click here to download this software, size 3.73 MB. First download it,  then unzip and copy the folder to an pen drive. You need not to install it to run. 

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