Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Create A Blog Site: It's Free!

Learn About How to create a blog site?

First of all you have to know what is blog? Blog is a site that is created based on one topics; such as-sports, film, information technology, personal profile etc. There are different sites to create free blogs such as WordPress, Blogger and so on. Now I want to show you how to create a blog site in Blogger.

1st step: Go to www.blogger.com and sign in with your gmail/google account. If you do not have so sign up and create an account. After log into you will a see a page like this. Click on New Blog.

2nd step: After clicking on new blog chose a title like Online Bangladesh and take an address like OnlineBangladeshToday, which will be your web address as
OnlineBangladeshToday.blogsopt.com. Choose a template that will help to design your site(you can change it letter) . Then a confirmation will be given, your blog has been created start posting. Then click on start posting.
step 3: Then a new window will be appear an write a post. Then click on publish. Then the post will be published and then click to view blog or follow your url link ___.blogspot.com.

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